Why Choose Ascentem?

Ascentem is a growing psychology practice located in Canberra. We offer psychological services and are known for high quality, evidence-based intervention for adolescents and adults. We are always looking for quality people who are client focused and caring. As a small practice, your efforts will have a positive effect on the care of our clients, and the future success of Ascentem.

At Ascentem, you are important because you will have an impact and you will make a difference.


Ascentem offers a variation to the typical management styles encountered in most working environments.

Firstly, you’re completely autonomous, yet highly supported. How you manage your responsibilities and client load is entirely up to you. This enables you to maintain a balance whilst being given the facilities, admin support, amenities, tools, training and means to do your job to the best of your ability.

Ascentem benefits and incentives include your highly competitive remuneration as well as many other discretionary benefits such as professional memberships, registrations, insurances, CPD, bonuses and additional paid and unpaid leave for psychologists because your self care and wellbeing is a priority to us.

How To Apply

The Ascentem recruitment process is fast, agile and simple.

Send your CV to [email protected] and you’re done! Don’t forget, in your email tell us which role you are applying for.

After CV short-listing, candidates may be asked to address the role requirements in greater detail or may progress straight to interview.

A typical interview takes about an hour, and is a relaxed discussion about Ascentem, what we can offer you and what you can offer us. Conducted in one of our practice rooms, you can get a feel for what your working environment will be like.

Be prepared to discuss your working history, experience, why you want to work for us, your expectations and aspirations, including salary.

Primarily we are looking for talented, caring, intelligent and loyal people. We hope we can offer you what you’re after as well.

Generally we will have two people meeting with you. If you are a Psychologist, an Ascentem Principal Psychologist will lead the interview. If you are Business Support, then the Ascentem Managing Director or Practive Manager will lead the interview.

Remember the fast, agile and simple process? Well if we think you’d be a good fit for us, we will make you an offer right then and there. You can either accept it, or go away and think about it. We think this method is upfront, transparent and you know exactly what is on offer so you can make an informed choice.

If you like, we can then send a draft employment contract for your consideration. If you agree with the terms, your signature is all that’s required.

Welcome aboard!

Make Waves

Ascentem Current Career Opportunities

Ascentem is currently recruiting for the following positions.

If you wish to express your interest in working for Ascentem as Admistration Support/Receptionist or Clinical (or Clinical Registrar) Psychologist, provide your CV to [email protected] and tell us what you’d like to achieve and when you will be available should a position arise. We will add you to the EOI Contact List and call you should a position become available in the future.

Note: By doing this, you provide consent for us to contact you should a position arise.